Wednesday, May 9, 2018

What's in my beauty bag? ♥

I've been hoarding a gift card from Sephora since Christmas!  Can you believe I've held on to it this long? Me either! 

How do you approach a gift card? Do you go the practical route and get something you would have gotten anyway (and feel happy you saved $) or do you splurge on something different? In all honesty I usually go the practical route.  This time however I decided to try something new.  Makeup is so expensive these days and spending money on something you may or may not like is a risk  That being said, this time I went against all my practical instincts and splurged.  I bypassed my usual products and decided to pick up two things I've had my eye on for a while.  

I also landed a bag of samples which was super exciting!  I love samples ♥ 

The first product I picked out is IT Cosmetics CC+ Illumination.  

I've been using an IT CC+ cream foundation for the past few months and I really love the brand.  I was particularly  interested in this one though because of it's anti aging properties, 50+ sunscreen AND anything that claims it will "illuminate" your skin must be good, right? Going into the warmer months I like to lighten my make up a little.  This foundation claims to give full coverage and brighten skin at the same time.  And anyone out there whose ever tried to take a selfie knows light is key....♥

Along with the foundation I decided to get the perfecting powder.  Again...anti aging, SPF 50+...I'm in! 

How cute is this inside the the flap.....♥

I got the fair shades in both the foundation and powder. 

My rewards points gifted me with a free sample of this Caudalie moisturizing sorbet.  I have used this before and I really love it.  I was excited to get a sample of this! 

It feels very luxurious (maybe it's the name : ) 

I also got a Stila liquid lipstick in the color "perla".  It's perfect for spring! ♥ 

In my goodie bad were two mud masks from Glamglow and 2 sample cleansers.  I can't wait to try these!

Lastly, I received a whole slew of perfume samples.  The best! I love these because it gives you the opportunity to try a scent for a few days (or longer) and see if you truly like it or not.  Also, variety!  I like trying out new ones I may have never heard of.  

The one in the middle called NEST - So lovely!!!  

Today I'm wearing this one called Clean.  It's amazing! 

It's hard to describe perfume in writing, so I'll just say it's my new favorite ♥ 

And that's it, friends!  I've been using the CC Illuminating foundation and powder for a little over a week now and I'm happy to say I really like them! My skin feels lighter and brighter, yet I still have full coverage.  Maybe not as much as the regular foundation that I was wearing, but that is the whole point.  Lighten things up for the warm weather.  

I'm trying to achieve a more natural "sheer" look (without being totally sheer, if that makes sense). ♥ 

Most importantly...
I feel content knowing I have an SPF 50 on my face too!  

I took a risk trying new products and I'm happy to say this time it paid off! 
Merry Christmas to me! 

Bring on the sunshine! I'm ready! ♥ 


  1. Yes!!!!!!!
    I literally just put the powder on my face five minutes ago!!!!!!
    And that CC Cream is the best!
    Madison got me hooked on it!
    I love that they are everything you need, plus SPF!!!!!
    Good purchase, my friend!

  2. Great products! I also love your quilt! Can I ask maker/brand or store? So pretty! Have fun with your new beauty products, it’s a mommy goody bag!


  3. This post makes me sooo happy! Anytime someone else buys the IT CC Cream, I'm over the moon! I use it every single day and also when I do other women's makeup. It is my favorite! I also recently got the CC+ powder and have been keeping it in my purse. Love it so far! Also, I have a Clean perfume and am obsessed with it. So excited for you! xx

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s