Friday, January 22, 2021

Flashback Friday ♥

We can blame Google Memories for this post, because they hit me with this picture this morning,
taken 4 years ago today.   

This is a picture of my old house.  I lived here for 20 years.  We built the house in 1997. So much of this blog is filled with photos from inside the walls of this house.  I'm so happy I started my blog in 2011 so I can look back and reminisce.  I can remember so clearly the rooms and how I decorated. I remember the view from the back deck overlooking John's swing set.  I remember what it felt like walking down the hallway and seeing Rob in his chair watching TV.  And I remember John sledding down the little hill in the front yard when he was small.  

The funny thing is when I moved in 2017, I moved 10 minutes away.  I literally drive past my house every day.  It's hard to forget something when it's right in front of your face. Over the past few years I've watched the flowers I planted bloom and the leaves fall from the trees in the back yard, just like I always did.  I often wonder if the new owner is taking care of things the way I used to.  Does she take her coffee outside for a walk in the yard to check the plants like I used to? 

Do you ever feel that way about some place you used to live? 

Its weird to me that so many years of my life were spent here, and now as John would say to me... 

"Mom, it's not your house anymore". 

The top window on the right was John's nursery window.  My mother painted animals on the wall for him.  My father in law made that curved iron railing you can see in the picture above.  At the time we thought it was so beautiful.  I still do.  Last year the new owner replaced the front steps, but she kept the railing. I'm glad.  

I remember one day a bracket supporting one of the shelves in a bottom cabinet in our kitchen island snapped.  We needed to fix it quickly, so Rob supported it with a piece of wood from an old hockey stick. It worked like a charm! But if you look closely under the shelf you can clearly see it's being held up by a hockey stick.  I wonder if the new owners ever noticed that?  I guess that's how we left our mark : ) 

Oh well.  Thank you Google Memories for sending me this picture today.  I'm always being accused of being "too sentimental" about things.  Well, this time it wasn't my fault 

Have a lovely Friday everyone!  We are expected to have another cold weekend.  Are you thinking about Spring yet, because I am definitely am!



  1. It’s perfectly normal that you still feel emotionally attached to this beautiful home after 20 years of memories with your family. I’m sure I would feel the same. I’m a believer that every home has a presence or a soul in it and this home will always be a part of you thanking you for taking such good care of it for so many years xoxo Silvana Joanne