Friday, January 29, 2021

Weekend Plans ♥

Happy Friday! 

Hello from the Artic Circle. I can't even express to you how cold it is here today.  The temperature in my car read 8 degrees when I drove John to school this morning, but with the wind it felt like negative gazillion degrees!  Brrr.... Apparently it's going to be this way all weekend, so that means we'll be hibernating by the fire, under blankets, with hot chocolate flowing like water.  
Not a bad way to spend a weekend : ) 

I'm looking forward to flipping through some craft books and picking a project for February.  Even something small (like making candles or drying oranges) brings me so much joy and contentment.  I miss the days when John was little and we would make Valentines together.  At 13 I don't think he'd be up for that anymore (sadly) but I did promise him a Dunkin Donuts run on Saturday because he loves their raspberry ice teas.  Yes, even when it's 0 degrees! Laundry, fresh sheets, and cleaning floors are also on my to do list.  Exciting I know! 

Sunday is Rob's birthday (49!!).  I'll be making a roast chicken dinner with sweet potatoes, roasted veggies, and homemade bread.  Dessert will be Susan Branch's Boston Cream Pie.  I'm excited to make that, as well as eat it! Rob doesn't like to make too much of a fuss for this birthday so a low key dinner at home will be perfect.  We'll see what happens next year for the big "5-0".... John and I already have some secret plans swirling around in our heads.  

I'm also planning on bringing out some Valentine's Day decorations.  I have a cute heart garland that I like to hang along the hutch as well as some vintage valentines that make me happy just looking at them.  I'll switch out candles with pink and red ones and hang my embroidered heart dishtowels. Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for.  I feel like the hearts bring warmth to the cold winter days ♥

It's the last weekend of January.  We are already one month into 2021.  Time is going by so unbelievably fast.  I hope you all have a nice weekend and are staying warm, cozy, healthy, and positive during these crazy times.  

BTW- have any of you watched the Netflix series Bridgerton?  I just finished it this week and it's excellent.  If you are looking for a good British period drama, I highly recommend!  It's only one season but I heard season two is coming. Yay! 

Byeeee! xx