Friday, January 8, 2021

Weekly Wrap Up ♥

Hello Friends! Happy Friday!

Joni Mitchell once sang "I wish I had a river to skate away on...."  I think we've all felt that way this week, haven't we?  Looking out my back porch, it's certainly temping.  As if things couldn't have gotten any more stressful, this week happened.  Come on just started.  

We need you to do better for us 

 As part of my new years goals I am actively trying to bring more cozy into my home.  Never a better time to feel the comforts of home, am I right?  I got this blanket as a Christmas gift from a dear friend and I love it.  It's like she read my mind : ) 

Plaid makes me smile 😊

If you happen to follow me on Instagram forgive my repetitiveness because I've been gushing over this diffuser all week.  It was a Christmas present to me from ME.  I've always wanted one.  I liked the pretty design on this one and the light changes colors which is nice.  

I'm a newbie at the whole essential oils thing but I'm learning fast.  The scent fills my bedroom and is so nice.  I've been putting it on at night while I'm getting ready for bed and by the time I hit the pillow the aromatherapy has kicked in : ) 

I'm starting with this oil.  It's a lavender blend.  It is supposed to promote calmness, ease anxiety, and help sleeping.  It's light - not overpowering at all.  I really love it.  The diffuser has a timer on it so I set it before I go to bed and it will automatically shut itself off after I fall asleep. 

If you own a diffuser, what oil scents do you diffuse?  

I'm looking forward to trying different ones. 

First read of the year!  I've always wanted to read this!!  Come to find out I've been living a Hygee lifestyle my whole life.  This little book just validated it.  I've found my

Honestly, I'm loving it and it has some great ideas 

This week also garnered some major comfort food.

~Yum ~ 

My friend Kimmi gifted me with a delicious organic tea that taste just like a creamy cup of caramel nut coffee!  I kid you not!  It has all the health benefits of tea, but taste like coffee.  (No it doesn't taste like dandelions....don't worry.)  I've been having a cup every afternoon and it's something I truly enjoy. 

Update: the plants are doing well.   
We are 8 days into the new year and I've haven't killed any yet so that's progress.  I currently have 3 plants that need to be repotted.  This week I am going to get some potting soil and give it a try.  Say a prayer (not for me, for the plants!).  I don't have a green thumb, but I'm trying to be better : ) 

I don't venture out of the house too much these days, but thankfully my hair salon has very strict safety measures in place so I do feel safe getting my hair done.  I'm trying to keep up with it just in case they shut down completely.  

Whew! Feeling much better 💖

My plan for this evening.... it's been a long week!  Tonight's take out will be from our favorite Italian place down the street because I'm craving their meatball sub.  It's nothing fancy, just something about it that hits the spot. 

Also I have to ask.... have any of you been watching Cobra Kai on Netflix?  It's so bad it's good!  If you don't know what I'm talking about, then check it out.  If not purely for 80's nostalgia.  It's the binge I needed this week. 

Yes, its what you think it is.... 30 years later! 

I have plans to do some baking this weekend and I want to make a big pot of soup for the week as well.  I downloaded a notes app on my phone and I've been keeping track of what I buy at the market when I food shop.  It helps me plan out my meals for the week and once I make something I can check it off the list.  I'm loving it because this way I can remember everything I bought and nothing goes to waste.  Just another little step at getting myself organized.  

Now it's time for me to get some "work" work done so I can get on with my Friday plans (see above!).  

Have a peaceful weekend my friends.  Stay safe and I'll be back here on Monday! xo 


  1. Hello!
    Your hair looks amazing!
    I am totally jealous. Mine is ugh!
    I may cut it myself soon!
    Your meals look great. As per usual.
    We are getting takeout too tonight.
    Just the three if us.
    Why don't you spin down???

  2. Hi Danielle, Happy New Year to you! You hair looks great! My salon makes me a bit nervous so my hair is on hold : ( I ordered that tea today, it looks so good! Meatball subs sounds so yummy!! And I have that exact top! Gotta love Kohl’s!!!! They have such great stuff! What kind of blush do you use? Your makeup always looks great! Enjoy the weekend! Happy baking!

    1. Hi Sharon! Yes I LOVE Kohls!! Practically my entire wardrobe is from there! I never let a coupon go to waste! LOL Thank you for the makeup compliment! The blush I'm currently using is a blush stick from Beauty for Real. It's a cream blush and highlighter and I absolutely love it! I get it online. I'm also wearing their tinted lip balm and eye shadow stick in that photo. They are a really great brand ♥

  3. I use essential oils quite often- I actually really like peppermint. I am also ashamed to say I haven't had my hair done since the week before we went to visit Mary- back in March!! I am hoping to finally go in early summer. Good thing no one can see me haha. My family and I have been loving Cobra Kai! We were actually counting down to the series 3 release. It really is so bad it's good! We've already watched all of series 3, so now we have to wait around impatiently for series 4! :)

  4. I'm half way through season 2! I could probably be finished by now but I am going slow because I don't want it to end. It's soooo good! : ) I'm happy they renewed for season 4 but now we have to wait! UGH
    I'm hearing good things about peppermint oil. I am going to try some soon! ♥