Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Wednesday Wishes ♥

 Wishing you all warm Wednesday wishes!  

Another cold day here in my corner of the world.  I'm busy tapping away on my computer, sipping coffee, and watching little snow flakes flutter past the window.  I'm thinking about what to make for dinner and what to watch on TV tonight.  Candles burning, Hallmark channel on in the background, and I've got my eye on the clock because I have to pick John up from school at 2:30. He'll want hot chocolate and a pizza bagel when he gets home. It's all about our every day lives around here.  The little mundane details that make life comfortable and safe.  I'm aware of the bigger picture but I like to keep my thoughts small.  The quiet keeps me content.  So does caramel nut coffee, of which I'm going to get another cup of.  

Have a lovely day!  Sending virtual hugs to all my friends out there.  

I'm grateful for all of you : ) 

(PS I just watched the movie Winter In Vail and it was excellent.  Such a feel good movie... if you're into Hallmark "happy ending" types of movies like I am...♥)


  1. Sounds completely cozy and perfect, my lovely friend.
    Miss you!

    1. Miss you too!! Is this pandemic over yet so I can visit?? Can't wait! ♥

  2. Very comforting thoughts Danielle! Blessings!