Friday, November 13, 2020

10 Things I Love ♥

 Hello Friends! Happy Friday!

I haven't done a 10 Things I Love post in a while so I thought today would be a good day to bring it back.  Everyone is starting to talk about the holidays and while they will obviously be different this year I think it's important to focus on the good things. I will miss seeing my family & friends and having a big celebration, but on the bright side, there is something cozy about staying home and keeping things simple.  

With that being said, here are 10 random things I love about this time of year.  "This time of year" being 2 weeks before Thanksgiving when I'm starting the feel the tingles of the start of the holiday season. 

Hearing Karen Carpenter Christmas songs on the radio.  I wait for her voice all year.  The voice of a Christmas angel. She's my favorite.

Pepperidge Farm gingerbread men cookies.  So good!

Pumpkin pie spice sprinkled in my coffee.  A pro tip for a friend (who's a pro at coffee!)

Making holiday lists.  Checking them twice.  I'm not going to say shopping is my favorite because it's not. (I actually hate it) But the list making is my key to success.  Settling in under a blanket with my laptop, a stack of catalogs, and a pad of's so satisfying! 

Breaking out my Christmas pj's and slippers.  I have a Rudolph theme this year : ) 
I have been trying for YEARS to get my family to agree to matching jammies. They are not interested.  Humbugs. 

Decorating, which will start this weekend.  I am one of those people who like to have their tree up before Thanksgiving.  I don't feel that it takes away from Thanksgiving. I think it adds to the festive coziness of the holiday.  Plus then there is no rush/stress to get it done that weekend.  I can jump right into Christmas mode.  

Night rides.  John and I have been doing this since he was little.  At least once a week we go for an evening ride, with hot chocolate & in our pj's, and drive around town to look at Christmas lights.  
We have a specific route we take and certain houses we like to see.  I wish they knew how much it meant to us.

All the holiday specials on TV!  Rudolph, A Christmas Story, and Elf are all favorites around here.  And of course A Charlie Brown Christmas.  And I've always loved Christmas episodes of TV shows.  The Christmas Brady Bunch episode where Florence loses her voice and can't sing in church...a classic!
I'm also partial to Hallmark Christmas movies but I have to watch those alone because the boys can't stand them.  Again...humbugs.

Christmas candles.  I'm obsessed.  I just ordered 2 online that I'm waiting for.  I will show you when I receive them.  I love candles all year but the Christmas/winter ones are by far my favorite.  It's got to be that #hygee feeling they give, when it's cold and frosty outside and inside there is a glow of a candle with the scent of a Christmas forest.  Lovvvve it. 

Holiday makeup. Now is the time of year when I usually break out my sparkly eyeshadow.  
Even though I'm working from home I still might do it : ) 

I would love to hear some of the random things you love about this time of year.  

Last November & December were hard for my family because my mother was in the hospital. And even though this season will be disappointing because of Covid restrictions, I am very grateful that all my family is home, safe, and healthy.  
Whether we are eating around the same table or not, my heart is happy about that.  

I am also grateful for FaceTime! 

Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend.  I'll be back on Monday with some holiday cheer 


  1. Well, you know I love most every single thing on here! Except the HAllmark movies. I just can't get into them. Heather loves them too. Maybe I just haven't found the right one. I am planning on decorating tomorrow afternoon. It is finally cooling off here, and I deep cleaned the downstairs today to get ready. Wish we could celebrate together! Hugs!

  2. I am actually more excited for Christmas this year than ever before...I am lucky- my daughters are into matching pj's, and my husband is outranked haha. I lay them on the bed, he puts them on, and there never needs to be "the talk!" haha I think you should drop off a card and/or cookies to each and every house that means something to you and John. You don't even need to knock- just leave them on the door step. I bet this year more than ever it would be a wonderful act of kindness. Merry Thanksgiving Christmas Season!

  3. I think you should write little notes about how much those decorated houses mean to you and slip them in their mailboxes. We all need a little extra cheer this year, and I bet you would make their entire holiday season!