Monday, November 16, 2020

Warming Station ♥

Good Morning Friends! 

I hope you all had a nice weekend.  I spent yesterday puttering around the house, cleaning, and slowly bringing out Christmas.  I brought down my storage tubs from the attic and bit-by-bit started decorating.  I've got everything done but the tree. I saved the best for last.  

For the first time ever I set up what started to be a hot chocolate bar...but I added tea, so let's call it a warming station.  

What do you think? 


(ok, technically these guys are salt & pepper shakers, but I cleaned them and added powdered sugar in one and coco powder in the other : ) 

I'm happy with the way it came out.  

It looks festive and puts a smile on my face when I look at it!  I need to add more cocoa (I am low!) and  I also want to pick up some Christmas teas.  Any suggestions?  I'm thinking apple cinnamon would be a nice night time tea 

How about you? Have you started decorating yet?  

Now I have to start shopping.  I haven't bought one gift yet.  Amazon, here I come!

Have a great day friends! 

I hope you are cozy and warm today 


  1. The station looks amazing, very very cute. Celestial tea has Holiday blends. Here is the link
    I have tried a few, some better than others...but their apple cinnamon is the VERY best on the market.....loads of cinnamon and everyone comments how good it smells when I drink it.

  2. I will try that! Sounds delicious. Thank you so much!! : )

  3. I need to try that Lady Cora herbal tea. I just picked up Taylor's of Harrogate Spiced Christmas Tea from Whole Foods. It says it's "warming and citrussy", which I'm all about right now! I just tried maple hot cocoa that someone gave me, and now I think I need to find my own supply of it. :) I think I will also add the Celestial Sseasons apple cinnamon tea mentioned in the above comment to my grocery list. Merry warming drinks season!

  4. I think it is perfect!!!!!!!
    And I adore the Santa and Mrs. Clause!
    So do your guys drink cocoa or tea??
    Miss you!

  5. That’s so wonderful! Love it! I am loving the celestial seasonings gingerbread, sugar cookie sleigh ride and candy cane! They are my absolute faves this year! So good with a Hallmark movie : )